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My name is John Henry Hall Jr. I have a 7 year old daughter who has juvenile diabetes… her name is Charla Nadadja Hall. Our family is facing a very important and urgent situation and I would be grateful for your input. I am seeking for the means to take my family to a diabetic seminar in phoenix Arizona.

The seminar will be hosted by Dan and Sally Roman and here is a link to their story: www.healthesolutions.com/about

The Roman family is the first family to have medical documentation for the reversal of type 1 juvenile diabetes in the United States. The Roman’s have 6 children and two of their six children were diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile diabetes back in 2008… ironically both of the Roman children were diagnosed with the disease within 6 months of each other. To date, both children are doing fine now… and they have no more need of insulin shots… The Romans will be hosting a seminar outlining their protocol during the first weekend in April. We would like to travel to meet with them during this time March 31st – April 4th.

We are looking for someone with the means to provide enough frequent flyer miles…. or someone with the financial means to provide for enough airline tickets to cover round trip air fare for our family and a cook who is donating of his time to try and help us… (It will be 5 people total) I will have to coordinate this trip around my job schedule and that of our cook’s so this is the goal that we are all working toward. We will be leaving from the Orlando International Airport and flying into Phoenix Arizona. There are more costs associated with the trip… hotel, seminar fee, etc. That being said, if we could get provision for the airfare it would be a major hurdle and we can overcome the rest of the expenses… So far I have gotten enough money from my “tax refund” this year to cover the seminar and 2 airline tickets… we still need frequent flyer miles or financial assistance to cover 3 more airline tickets.

I wanted to ask if you could prayerfully consider if you or anyone within your circle of relationships would be able to help. If so, I’d be deeply grateful.

Here is a video telling our daughter’s story:

At the time it that this video above was recorded we were seeking the means to get our daughter to a specialist out of state and we were eventually successful… after three years of prayer and effort we finally made that trip 7 months ago in August… as a result of that trip our daughter was able to go from 1 shot every 3 to 4 hours to 14 hours at one point between insulin shots… we are hoping to get that down to 24 hours consistently and zero insulin shots… God willing!!!

When we returned from the specialist we needed to be able to keep the momentum but we were hindered because of our need to find a personal cook… this was not easy for us because it costs and we are struggling financially… the lord just brought someone into our life willing to take on this responsibility two months ago and they are working with us because they understand the magnitude of what we are trying to do… our goal for this trip is to allow the cook to get first hand experience and menu strategies to help us as we seek God’s provision to get our daughter well and totally off of insulin… There is much more to this story than what I have typed here… this is just a brief synopsis… If you have any questions please ask them and I will answer.

I would be grateful if you could assist…

Sincerely, John

Contact Information:
Cell Phone Number 1 321 749 6767

P.S. If anyone is interested I have included a little biographical information about me below:

My name is John Henry Hall Jr. and I am a follower of Yeshua. Sandra Hall is my high school sweet heart and we have been married for close to 22 years and we have two children. I have been an elementary school music teacher for 7 years. During this time I have been shown many encouraging forms of support and recognition by my students, their families and my peers; including that of being nominated as teacher of the year. I represented my school Treasure Coast Elementary as teacher of the year during the 2008-2009 school year… My family enjoys recording Inspirational music and in the future (if God so wills) we would like to be able to have an outlet to put on inspiring concerts that reflect our testimony, love of God, his creation, and his people.

Please feel free to share this email with any in your circle of friends and relationships… www.budurl.com/CharlasDiabetesStory

we have come such a long way since this video was done… and we have just a little ways to go…. (smile)

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