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The Importance of Testing Can\'t Be OverstatedIn a recent twitter post I tweeted about the affordability of testing supplies. We were surprised to find that while some diabetics are very concious about testing and monitoring their blood sugar levels they aren’t able to. If that weren’t surprising enough, the reasons for not being able to test and monitor were even more suprising.

Some expressed that their ability to test was limited; either because they don’t have any insurance and therefore they have to pay for their testing supplies out of pocket. Or the insurance that covers them has placed a cap on the amount of test strips they can receive in a given month.

U.S. citizens not having any insurance coverage was not surprising because we find that coverage is available in the U.S. if you are a child. Once you become an adult though you either have to have parents who can place you on their policy, have a good job with an affordable comprehensive diabetic insurance plan, or you have to be very sick before you will qualify for government insurance due to lack of affordability.

We were a little taken a back to find that some diabetics expressed their insurance companies were placing a cap on the amount of strips they were able to use monthly. Upon further investigation though we found that there is an amicable way to work through this. In short, you have to speak with your physician/endo and let them know about your desire to test more frequently. They then will be able to approach your insurance company on your behalf to request that the cap be lifted or raised so that you can test more often. A few of our diabetic twitter friends were tesing only 3 – 4 times per day because of the cap. So simply talking with your doctor will help you with overcoming this obstacle should you desire to test more frequently.

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