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Diabetic Footwear

Foot pain affects many diabetics…

We received a tweet from someone who wanted to recommend a brand of diabetic socks and foot wear that was very helpful in alleviating foot pain for his dad. We have not tried this brand personally… however, we wanted to share this information with you all in case someone may find a benefit from this type of product. Below you will find a brief synopsis of information along with the website.

Celliant/Health Sport socks and support braces, elbow sleeves are a newly created product. The Celliant yarn is patented and has been clinically proven to increase oxygen in the body, reduce pain, and help regulate body temperature.

Increased oxygen is known to promote quicker muscle recovery and healing. Increased circulation is a great thing for DIABETICS. My father is a Type II diabetic and he swears by the socks. Our product increases oxygen levels by up to 12%. You can look at the test and research results on our site www.clinicalcloset.com.

-Nick Lyle


If you find this information helpful or if you know someone that may benefit from this type of service please pass this link on.

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