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On Yesterday @DiabetesSupport asked everyone to tweet about about a time when they discovered that their blood sugar levels hand gone unusually low. We did this to bring an awareness to some of the common experiences that we as people with diabetes share with one another. Well, needless to say there was quite an array of responses…. (smile) One of the responses was from @JennaNicoleS, and she suggested that we compile these @replies so that everyone could have an opportunity to read them.

We decided to take her up on that idea… below is the result of the tweets from everyone that were given on the subject of hypoglycemia. We hope that you find them insightful, and we are sure that you can relate. And if I may say… though this is a serious topic, some of the responses were very humorus and they gave us reason to pause and smile :o)

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with others… it helps to know that there is someone else there who can understand and relate to what you are going through at times.

* P.S. When reading through these tweets, if you see someone that has replied in chronological order start reading their tweets from the bottom up… I haven’t figured out how to flip them yet – smile.*

  1. Shelbee Williams

    shelbeewilliams@DiabetesSupport My daughter knows her blood sugar is low when she gets shakey and dizzy and her stomach feels funny

  2. Thaís C Paradella

    tparadella@DiabetesSupport When I start shiverring, shaking, absent-minded, light-headed, w/ difficulties in communicating…

  3. Nestor delaCruzMunoz

    drdelacruz@DiabetesSupport sorry, I know hypoglycemia is not a funny, or fun occurence, but I just couldn’t pass it up. I see it in my pts often.

  4. Nestor delaCruzMunoz

    drdelacruz@DiabetesSupport when the red neon “Fresh Donuts Here” sign goes off over your head.

  5. David G King -ZL1DGK

    dgkdgk@DiabetesSupport It hits me very quickly and I start to feel like I’m very very drunk.

  6. Sue Smith

    Olivia200@DiabetesSupport When I cant focus my eyes on anything can look at something but eyes cant focus on it

  7. Denise

    cookinsforme@DiabetesSupport JK! When my heart is pounding, my hands are shaking, my teeth are chattering & I suddenly realize I could eat a 16 oz steak

  8. Denise

    cookinsforme@DiabetesSupport When the meter reads below 70? ;)

  9. Tim Evans

    timothyevans@DiabetesSupport I know I have low blood sugar when I get tired, sweaty, and grumpy.

  10. Romelle Slaughter

    RHS76Icon_lock@DiabetesSupport I know when I’m going low when I complain of getting cold and disorientated.

  11. EndocrineWeb.com

    endocrinewebRT @DiabetesSupport: How would you answer this question: “You know you have a low blood sugar when…?”

  12. LAtheDJ

    LAtheDJ@DiabetesSupport Went to look for the muffins from the other day and that site is sold out. Do you know the full name of the product?

  13. Mimi

    onesweeterlife@DiabetesSupport to really know I have to test. a lot if times lows and highs feel the same.

  14. Rita Nelly

    rclove4u@DiabetesSupport shakey sory bout the misspell I have an emergency shot now in case I ever pass out again

  15. Rita Nelly

    rclove4u@DiabetesSupport u kno ur 2 low when ur shacky but quickly u go unconscious I was completely passed out and my family dumped o j down my thr

  16. DalekKiller

    DalekKillerRT @DiabetesSupport know you have a low blood sugar when your brain suddenly applies the brakes & you talk gibberish

  17. Jelani Toure

    mrtoure@DiabetesSupport — know I’m low when I start feeling shaky, or flighty.I usually check at that point, and am somewhere in the low 60′s

  18. Amorette

    Kitsa@DiabetesSupport the HEADACHE! OMG, the headache is horrible when I’m low.

  19. Timthomson

    Timthomson@DiabetesSupport My wife says I stand a particular way, left foot at 90 degree to right foot and start bouncing my leg. I think she’s right

  20. Dustin Karnes

    dustinkarnes@DiabetesSupport I know my sugars going low when I get a tingle on the roof of my mouth and my tongue and cant concentrate on anything.

  21. Nyx Wolfwalker

    Nyxks@DiabetesSupport I haven’t got a clue I’ve never gone low since I’ve been monitoring myself lowest I’ve gone is 5.5 and that is within range

  22. Kimberly Reynolds

    somebunnyslove@DiabetesSupport “You know you have a low blood sugar when?” I get “punch drunk” dizzy; my hands shake.

  23. Bonnie OConnor

    bytesize23b@DiabetesSupport I waited too long when I start feeling a little dizzy, get sweaty, shaky and white spots in front of my eyes.

  24. victoria parkey

    victoriaaa_RT @DiabetesSupport: “You know you have a low blood sugar when?” /lightheadedness,feel faint,headache,feel really sick, get quite hot

  25. yael medina

    evieness@DiabetesSupport i feel out of sorts, dizzy and slightly nauseous.

  26. Mariko Minei Powell

    Hollandsgirl414@DiabetesSupport I start acting like I’m drunk when I know I shouldn’t be.

    Jayden Blake

  27. theblakesterr@diabetessupport when you think nothing of ripping that pack of skittles out of a child’s hand and pouring them all into your mouth at once.
  28. Kels Symank

    kissaboo12@DiabetesSupport i no wen my sugar is low wen i get a really bad headache <<33><33><33><33>>

  29. Jeannene Herber

    jhrbrIcon_lock your sweating, shaking, not thinking clearly, not seeing clearly, a sense that you are out of control and could collapse.

  30. Jenna S

    JennaNicoleSwould u consider starting a blog that u could post all your @ replies to your questions? would be great resource to read!

  31. Nicole Rios

    nicole_rios@DiabetesSupport my hands start shaking and i sweat profusely

  32. melanie marinmellow2yellow@DiabetesSupport its hard to tell btween the shakes due 2 my epilepsy but that is how I tell..My hands start shakin,I get hot,really scary.
  33. himangshu hazarika

    hjhazarika@DiabetesSupport U know u have a low blood sugar when you feel everything around you is slowing down and you have shivering sensation

  34. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport I am now successfully managing it without med, so I don’t have hypo any longer :D

  35. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport When I had Hypo I also felt like I was having an anxiety attack of some sort.

  36. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport My doc switched me to the national brand that is readily available in most pharm; I no longer had to have the same issue.

  37. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport After an emergency visit to the hospital in ambulance due to Hypo, I demanded to my doc to switch my supply company.

  38. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport During that time I had too many hypo and was so scared all the time because I couldn’t test to confirm how I was doing.

  39. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport The company keep saying they shipped my strips but I never got them. I had to go to my doc’s office 2 pick up more samples.

  40. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport I had a difficulty with getting enough strips to test initially because my doc started to try new supply company.

  41. Ministry of Design

    modkoko@DiabetesSupport When I felt like all of my blood was suddenly draining from my head and I had a feeling of “sinking” into blackout.

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