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Dr. Richard K. Bernstein M.D.Dr. Richard K. Bernstein is a Medical Physician who has been practicing and treating Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes for many years. Dr. Bernstein is credited with being the first to advocate for in home patient testing using blood glucose meters; before it became recognized by the practicing physicians of his day.

He was able to purchase a blood glucose meter to test his own blood sugar levels when it was not yet available for the general public, and pushed very heavily to have the blood glucose meter released to the public so that it could be used to save the lives of every day diabetics who were not able to test in the home; prior to this, patients were only able to check and monitor their blood sugar level when they were scheduled for a doctor’s visit, and this happened only 2-3 times per month.

Dr. Bernstein is a Type 1 Diabetic himself and after 60+ years of living with disease he has avoided the complications that have affected many who have had to suffer with the disease for as long. He has created a successful treatment program which has been credited with helping thousands of patients control and maintain consistent blood sugar levels. He has done this by using a combination of insulin along with a healthy diet.

We have had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Bernstein during and after office hours and really cares for his patients; even though he has a secretary he is still available after hours to speak with his patients personally… he even answers the phone himself. Dr. Bernstein is a wealth of knowledge and experience and his patients that we have spoken with have all met with great success under his care.

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